Your Uniquely You Marketing Message

If you've ever tried to write your own marketing copy or attempted to go to a networking meeting, you've probably struggled with getting the words "right".  What about those pain points and making sure you hit all the other information you have to add in order to get clients. 

If you've ever tried to have someone else write copy for you, they probably handed you a questionnaire to fill out before they started.  Did you struggle with the answers?  Did you make something up just to get it done? 

Guessing and trying to write or say the "right" words isn't going to get clients to say "yes".  Coaching is what I call a long lead.  It takes time to build enough trust that people are willing to trust you with their inner most dreams, goals and ideas.  However, you can confidently write for your business, shorten the sales cycle and maintain your integrity while attracting more qualified clients to your business.

It's all about trust-building.

If you want to attract clients, you have to infuse trust into your marketing.  Don't worry, I'm not going to give you language to use, keywords that are attractive or tell you what to say.  The best way to infuse trust into your marketing is to dig into who you are and use that to authentically differentiate yourself. Clients will already trust you if the marketing you put out into the world comes from a deep, authentic place within you and proves you are trustworthy. 

How do you do that?  That's where I come in.  I'm the Trust-Building in Marketing Expert who will help you pull out and trust in your own authentic marketing language.  In the end, you'll experience a higher level of confidence in speaking and writing about your business.  Take a deep breath and know that you can stay in integrity with who they are in marketing

How does it work?

All my Marketing Message programs are a great way to rebuild your marketing foundation so it's rooted in authentic differentiation.  As a Certified Facilitator of The Essential Message™ program, I'll lead you through exercises in the workbook to bring awareness, discover your language and put together structures to support you in continually updating your message as your business grows.  When you hit a roadblock or come across limiting beliefs, I'll put on my coaching hat and we'll work through it together.

Depending on where you are in your business and what you're struggling with most, you have a few options for structured programs. 

3 month Uniquely You Core Message Program.

This 3 month program is for coaches who understand sales, do well at bringing clients in but really want to hone in on their core differentiation and who will be attracted to it.  This program will help you:

  • discover the differentiated core challenge you solve based on who you are as a coach.
  • discover one topic that will be the point of everything you talk/write about, so that you consistently show up in the marketplace as an expert.
  • discover your personal story to bring you credibility with potential clients.
  • discover a conversational structure you can follow to talk about your business in networking meetings, when meeting other coaches or with potential clients you meet.
  • hone in on a target market that will be most attracted to who you are so they will trust you easily.
  • do market research to test out your trust factor.

We will meet twice a month for 90 minutes and you get all of this for just $1425 or $475/mo.  All you have to do is schedule a Get To Know You Session to get started or discuss the program further.

8 month Uniquely You Full Message Program.

This program is designed for coaches who are relatively new to marketing and sales.  If you want to get your business off to a great start or you've been in business a while but feel you've never really gotten the hang of differentiating yourself, then this program is for you.  This program will help you accomplish everything in the 3 month program plus you'll:

  • build your level of confidence in how you are different from other coaches. 
  • discover what about your services gets the attention of others.
  • learn how to do market research interviews and turn them into sales pages, introductory letters and/or a sales conversation.
  • deepen your trust in who you are to stand out in the crowded coach marketplace.
  • discover a process for getting great testimonials.
  • discover a list of topics you can write about to create content.
  • create a few differentiated positioning statements to be used in your marketing materials.
  • get experience networking and talking about your business, so you can confidently answer the question "What do you do?" in any situation you are in. 

We will meet twice a month for 90 minutes and you get all of this for just $3800 or $475/mo.  All you have to do is sign up for a Get To Know You Session, to get started or discuss the program further.

Ongoing Uniquely You Message Accountability Program.

This program is for those who have gone through either the 3 month or 8 month program and want accountability as they continue to talk and write about their business.  In this program, I hold you accountable for being you, for owning your language and continuing consistently getting your message out into the world.