Differentiate Your Coaching Business.
Discover your unique way of sharing what you do as a coach.

When I hired my first coach, I didn't have the cash to pay him.  I didn't even know what coaching was.  I had never heard of it.  I walked into a workshop with a coach and experienced something that was truly amazing.  The space he held, the way he supported us, the way he allowed everyone to gain something as I was struggling with who I was at the time.  It was magic to me.  He reminded me of camp counselors I had as a kid.  The kind who pulled me aside, listened to me and helped me work through things.  All I knew at the end of that experience was that I absolutely HAD to have more of it.  I HAD to find a way to work with this guy, because in that moment I had no idea what I wanted.  I was in the perfect place for coaching.  I found the cash, the time and the energy to hire him and with his coaching behind me, I completely flipped my life upside down...in a good way.  Coaching did that!

If he'd tried to "sell" to me.  If he'd tried to get me to buy in that moment, I would've run away screaming.  But that's not what he did.  He showed up with some great tools, owned who he was as a person and as a coach.  To me, he was magic.  To him, he was just being himself. 

Do you want to just be the coach?

Do you want to stop selling and start having conversations?

Don't you think it's time you start talking about your business in way that honors who you are?

Yes?  Read on.

People don't buy coaching. They buy a relationship with you.

I have read through countless websites along with a slew of marketing materials and listened to coaches verbally share the work they do since 2006.  Most of what I see and hear is informative, shares the benefits of coaching and gives ways to take advantage of the services the coach offers. 

Most of the time when we think about branding/messaging/differentiation, we're thinking about starting with who we serve and trying to give them what they want.  We think about our 30 second speeches.  We think about sales language that gets people to buy.  We think about scripted calls and letters that get people's attention.  None of that is representative of you!  It's just regurgitating language developed by others.

This is one reason so many individual coaches are struggling to get their business off the ground or keep it moving forward.  They are trying to be a marketer.  They are sharing their work from a place of "This is who I'm talking to and this is what I need to say to get them to buy."  Relationship Picture

If you are constantly spitting out words you think will get people to "buy" a service then you are missing out on a whole group of clients who want success through relationship.  Isn't that the kind of client you want?  Someone who is willing to be introspective, waiting for someone to support them as they make a change, transition or deepen their impact in the world.  Those clients aren't going to buy because you put the exact, right, words together.  They are going to buy from you because you are YOU.  Because they want a relationship with you.  Because you have exactly the kind of personality they want to connect with on a deeper level. If you are struggling to talk about your business or attract the right clients, then you need to put YOU into marketing materials and messaging.

Structure Not Regurgitation.

The logical side of your brain might be saying; "Um, I NEED someone to teach me how to do this stuff or I'll never get it right."  "I can't do this without someone feeding it to me."  When I work with coaches, we usually find out that they don't need someone to FEED them marketing language.  What they need is a structure that helps them use their own words effectively. 

What if all it took was you being you, to attract clients?Differentiated Coach Marketing

What if you had tools to help you do research so you could get clear on how you really want to serve your clients through marketing?

What if you were crystal clear on the conversations you want to have in your marketing materials?

What if all you really needed was a structure that supported you in pulling out your words so they can be a client attracting magnet?

That's where the Essential Message™ come in.  It's all about coming from a place of: "Who are you and how can you use that to your advantage in marketing?"  In the end you'll be confident in writing and talking about your business, because it's based on who you are.  You'll also stand out in the crowd, because you'll be differentiated on who you are, which is as unique as a tie-dye shirt.

Interactive, idea generating and applicable sessions.

As a Certified Facilitator of The Essential Message™ program, I will walk you through the individual exercise of your choosing to help you get clear on one piece of your differentiation.  These exercises are highly interactive.  I may talk a bit at the beginning to explain the concept, but very quickly we'll start discussing it, I'll be listening as you talk and share about your business.  I'll provide feedback and pull out words that will help in your marketing.  I will share with you how you can take what you created and use it to promote your business.  

Clients who work with me in-depth, in the 3 month and 8 month Uniquely You Marketing Messaging programs, are always telling me how valuable each of these exercises are on their own.  So, I also offer them as independent 1-on-1, 1 hour sessions and packages.    

In the end:

  • You'll get clear on at least one way you stand out.
  • You'll have some starter language to help you write or talk about your business.
  • You'll also commit to at least one way you'll apply that message in your marketing.

Select your package and your session(s):

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Session Descriptions

Impact StatementsSession #1 - What language do people respond to?

What are you currently saying that gets people to perk up?  Why do they perk up?  What do you say that gets people talking?  This "Impact Statement" exercise is a great marketing research tool that you can use over and over again.  By the end of the call, you'll get feedback from me on what you are saying that is too generic.  We'll get a little more specific so that you can start honing in on your differentiation.  Afterwards, you'll have a tool to go out and test what we came up with on actual potential clients and referral partners.

Perceived Point of DifferentiationSession #2 - How are you different from your competitors?

This session is all about perception.  How potential clients perceive what you do and how you are different from that perception.  We'll look at your assumptions where you might be perceiving things differently than they are.  By the end of this session, you'll have a point to differentiate yourself.  A positive way to say "I do that by...". If you're an ICF member, this is the key to talking about value in a truthful and attractive way, because it comes from your experience. 

Dr CredibilitySession #3 - What's at the core of what you do?

When you look really deep into what you do and the challenges you solve, you'll find something that isn't talked about very often (if at all).  We'll dig into the core challenge you solve.  This exercise will give you a tool for creating consistency.  You'll have a consistent topic that you always come back to.  You'll also have ideas for speeches, blog posts and questions you can ask to get the attention of potential clients in person or online. 

What Drives You CrazySession #4- How do you talk about what you're really great at?
It can be very helpful to have Session #3 under your belt, but not required.

This session digs deeper into how you are different from your competitors and helps you talk about why you are so great at what you do.  You'll put together a statement that will be your mantra, the basis for why you are the best coach for your clients.  We'll start with what really drives you crazy about other people who do what you do and turn that around to a positive statement of your greatness.  We'll look at how you can boast with credibility and purpose. 

Ideal ClientSession #5 - Who is your ideal client?
It can be very helpful to have sessions #3 or #4 under your belt, but not required.

We hear the word niche all the time.  This isn't your typical niche session.  This is about who you really want to work with and who will be most attracted to what you do.  We'll dig into your favorite clients and define the traits of potential clients you want to work with.  Then we'll brainstorm where you might find those people, what groups they belong to etc... so you know where to find them. 

Sales TelepathySession #6 - How do you telepathically get into the mind of your potential clients?

This session is most beneficial if you attend session #4.  It's not required though. This session is all about discovering how to get into the brains of your potential clients and honoring who you are as a coach within the sales process. This exercise is a repeatable marketing research tool that will help you stay on top of current language for the life of your business.  It combines your words from session #4 with a research tool to gather your ideal clients words to create a sales conversation.  You may even get clients from using this tool (it's happened before).  It's also a great tool for individual sales pages for programs and events that you have coming up.  By the end of this session, people will think you are telepathic. 

TestimonialsSession #7 - How do you gather testimonials to support your credibility?

Most of the time we think of testimonials as a way to gather positive comments about the work we do. If you just get comments that are random, you create no credibility. It's important to gather testimonials in a way that supports your brand, provides consistency and gives you positive statements that match your message. We'll explore questions you can ask, ways you can ask them and how to go about collecting, saving and using testimonials.

Who will benefit most from these sessions?

These sessions are great for most independent coaches. If you've been working with actual clients and any of the following are true, then these sessions are for you.

  • If you've at least had a handful of clients to work with, many coaches in their first year have found these tools to be a great foundation for creating and continuing to hone in on their message as their business grows.
  • Coaches who have been in their business for a while usually comment "Where were you when I was starting my business?" and then find the new foundation helps them reset so they can get over the next hump. 
  • If you are re-branding, re-messaging or thinking of doing either of those, this is a great place to start.
  • If you're putting together a new website, these sessions will help inform the design and content for that site. 

Who is this Kristen, Marketing Coach, Person?

Kristen Beireis HeadshotI'm Kristen Beireis, a Certified Coach (ACC) and Certified Essential Message™ Facilitator. I specialize in helping coaches discover who they are as a marketer and trust in it for greater success. I'm on a mission to shift the culture of coach marketing.  I don't want to see any more coaches struggling with the "have to's" and "prescriptions" that have plagued their businesses from the beginning.  I want to help create a new language that doesn't define the skills of coaching, but creates conversations and an authentic, positive message that catapults the industry into every corner of society. 

I have been helping coaches with their marketing since 2006 and have a passion for the process that I want to see reach more people. To support the industry, I volunteered as the Marketing Chair for the ICF Midwest Regional Conference for three years and in 2017 I'm serving as the VP of Membership for ICF Ohio Valley. 

I believe life was meant to be enjoyed.  Coaches help people enjoy life more, but too many don't enjoy marketing their business.  Are you ready to enjoy talking about your business?  Sign up for one or more sessions.