Accountability is Key!

How many times have you told your clients that accountability is a big piece of what you do? 

Do you have someone holding YOU accountable for honoring your values while planning and implementing your marketing?

Wait.  What?  Did I just say values and marketing in the same sentence?  Does it seem odd to you that you can honor your values in marketing?  I'm here to tell you it's not odd at all.  In fact, it's mandatory if you want to successfully market your business and not burn out.

It's time to understand how you, personally, uniquely need to honor your values in marketing. 

It's time to have a Coach, Guide and Marketing Expert there to help you trust in your values.  How much more would you enjoy the marketing part of your business with someone to challenge you, ask the hard questions and laugh with you as you see just how silly hard you're making marketing when you don't honor your values?

Yup, it's time to get a Marketing Coach who is going to hold YOU accountable.  Introducing the:

Own Your Values in Marketing Program.

This is an Ongoing Coaching Program.  If you haven't already worked with me, it starts with you taking the Core Values Index™ (CVI) assessment to quickly help us both understand your values and how they apply to marketing.  Your first call will be one hour to get us started.  From there, we meet 45 minutes twice a month to check in and see how you're doing with honoring your values. 

Things you'll experience as we work together:

  • It won't take long before marketing starts to become easy and more natural.
  • You'll see marketing pitfalls before they happen.
  • Marketing won't feel like selling your soul. It will be more YOU.
  • You'll get creative and come up with ideas quickly.
  • You'll create a list of marketing strategies that fit your values. 
  • If you have a team, you'll get greater clarity on how they can help you with marketing.
  • Your relationship with Marketing will become more like a love affair than a constant struggle.

Do you want in?  It's only $275/mo. (PayPal Subscription payment). 

Who is this Coach/Consultant that specializes in the values and marketing connection?

That would be me.  Kristen Beireis.  I'm a Trust-Building in Marketing Expert, a Certified Core Values Index™ (CVI) Facilitator, Trained Coach (CTI) and Essential Message™ Facilitator.

Now that we got the education out of the way, let's talk about who I REALLY am!  I'm a fun-loving person who believes that life was meant to be enjoyed and that includes marketing.  I am on a mission to improve the way coaches go about marketing their businesses.  I'm tired of watching coaches slug through their marketing following someone else's plan. 

When I was a Music Teacher (many moons ago), I felt like I couldn't help kids own their unique gifts because the schools wanted them to be automatons.  Now, I'm in an industry of coaches who help people own who they are.  The problem is that, coaches themselves are going through their marketing like automatons.  It's time we changed that and put some uniqueness into marketing.  I have helped many coaches find their own, easy, authentic way of marketing.  They come in thinking it isn't possible to enjoy marketing and leave feeling like they arent' marketing at all...but they are!  Consistently too!!

I am really, really, really, really great at seeing how marketing fits a persons values.  Let's play!  Fill in the form below to take the first step.

If you're ready to shift the way you do marketing, now is the time.  Let's Talk.