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30 Min Values Marketing Clarity Call

If marketing is on your brain as a place to step up your game, then you are in the right place.  It's time to take a different look at marketing.  Instead of a list of what you're supposed to be doing, supposed to be saying and who you're supposed to be as a marketer; let's look at how to design your marketing to honor your values. 

During this 30 minute session you'll discover one, easy to follow, clear focus for your marketing. And it will come straight from your values.

Are you ready?  All you have to do is click the "Let's Talk!" button and fill in the form below. 

Ready to shift your marketing into greater alignment with your values?


I give this call away to build trust.

I love to offer this call!  It's fun to introduce people to the CVI and I love how fast you can get initial clarity on what to do in marketing.  This call wakes people up to possibilities and ease they never knew existed.  I get high off the sigh of relief that comes at the end of the call.

I offer this call for free because, as a Trust-Building Expert, I'm aware that you aren't going to trust me just because I put words on a website.  You need an experience of how I work.  Many experiences.  This call is about providing great value while giving you a small taste of what it's like to work together.  It's all about you and your marketing.  No hook, no bait and switch.  Just pure clarity and focus for you. 

Here's how it works:

  • Fill in the form, below to apply for your free session (You will also be signed up for my list).
  • Check your e-mail. You should receive an e-mail with a link to take the free, limited version of the Core Values Index (CVI) assessment. This will help me get a basic understanding of your core values so we can quickly get into our session.
  • If you're not already on my list, you'll receive an e-mail with a confirmation link to click first.
  • Take the CVI (10 minutes or less).  I will get a copy of your results automatically.
  • From there, I'll send you a link to my calendar.  You can then schedule your 30 minute call.

FINE PRINT: You must be able to speak fluid English, be willing to make a phone call to the USA and be available during the slots I have available (Usually I have 2-3 slots open Friday afternoons, Eastern Time).