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How did a Singer/Actress end up being a Marketing Coach/Consultant?  Here are:

Two Experiences That Molded What I Do Today.

1. I've worked my ass off to get what I want and lost myself in the process.

I was once on the road to Musical Theater Stardom in the NYC area. I worked my ass off for six years.  I did a lot to make my career happen.  I did Children's Theater, Dinner Theater, Background Work, Voice-Over and even a couple of Off-Off Broadway Producer showcases of new shows (One of which I got to play a "Club Kid", pictured on the right).  I was totally committed to my dream and grabbed onto as many opportunities as possible. I could've kept going and I might just have made it to Broadway at some point.

What I didn't know was that I had completely left my highest values and priorities back in Ohio when I moved out to New Jersey to become a Broadway star.  I had convinced myself that I was going to make something of my career and no one could stop me.  I was willing to do ALMOST anything.  I say almost, because there were a few key things I wasn't willing to do.  I wasn't willing to leave my Husband for months (or years) at a time to go on tour or do summer stock theater (um, kind of a HUGE stepping stone to Broadway).  There were others, too.  At the time, I didn't realize my hesitation to do these things was because of my values

You see, my highest value is love/connection.  I was 12 hours away from the family I love and on opposite shifts from my Husband most of the time.  Not much loving connection going on there.  Of equal weight is my value of Truth.  I wasn't being honest with myself.  I wasn't willing to do what it takes and there were many decisions made, in the name of my dream, that went against who I really am. 

When I started to realize what was happening, I really didn't recognize myself.  I had fallen down the "I have a dream" rabbit hole and lost myself in the process.  I may have had the career of my dreams building, but everything else just wasn't a fit.  That's when I chose to return home and live the life I truly wanted.  When I commit myself to something, I will do it.  I realized I just needed to find something else I'm passionate about, that honors my values, and commit to that.  Now, I get to choose my loving connection first, over my career.  And that is something I didn't know was important, because I chose to ignore my values and who I was. 

2. I spent thousands of dollars on credit card and took years to pay it off.

At one point, I had decided to build a big business empire.  I felt I needed to keep learning if I was going to grow that big business.  So, I invested in a big business-building event.  I paid thousands of dollars to attend, stay, eat and get there.  I put it all on credit card, even though I didn't have the cash to pay for it (NOT something I usually do!!).  It was business.  You have to invest money to make money, right?  Again, decision made and I'm committing to it. 

Have you ever attended a big business-building event only to find you already knew 90% of what was being shared?   Yup, that was me!  I kept listening to everyone talk about how shooting for 6 and 7 figures is the way to go and I was promised that I could do it too if I invested in my growth.  Oh, I most certainly could have!  6-7 figures is definitely possible for anyone who WANTS it.  Did I want it?  Hmmm...after I spent those thousands of dollars and had that bill staring me in the face for a year, I started to think about that exact question.  What do I want? 

I had done well honoring my value of love/connection by scheduling my business around my life, leaving time for Hubby, theater, family and taking care of myself.  Until that moment, I wasn't listening to my truth at all. I hadn't looked at what it would really take to build this empire I wanted.  So, I looked closely at my values and planned out the time/energy my business would need.  That's when it hit me!  If I'm going to be this 6-7 figure business owner, I'm going to have to travel a lot more.  In the building process, I'm certainly going to have to work with more clients than the 5-6 I was working with at the time.  Looking at all these things, I realized, I didn't want to work that hard.  I had fallen down the "create a 6-figure business" rabbit hole this time.  That 6-figure business is not what I wanted

The moral of these stories?

I didn't trust in my values.  I didn't trust in myself and kept looking to others to tell me what I'm supposed to do.  I committed to going to Broadway, so I was supposed to follow through.  If I'm going to build a business for myself, then I'm supposed to build a business empire.  There were aspects about each of those things that I wanted, but I didn't really want all of it.  In focusing on Broadway or 6-figures, I didn't honor who I am and I didn't honor what I truly wanted for myself.    Money is not my driver.  My drivers are love and connection.  That's what I needed to focus on. 

I don't want to see you get sucked into the same traps I did.  Marketing is an easy rabbit hole to fall down and lose yourself in.  I've pulled myself out of two rabbit holes just like it.  I'm fully aware of what to look for now and have prevented myself from going down that marketing rabbit hole several times.  That's why I want to help you avoid the rabbit hole by trusting in your values and building a solid foundation in marketing that honors who you are (regardless of how big or small you want your business to be).  Click here to see how that shows up in the services I offer.

Life was meant to be enjoyed!  And I do.

Now, I fully honor my values and trust in who I am. I'm living life and running my business the way I always wanted

My business is growing and I don't know where it will go.  Every year my business grows in new and different ways.  Sometimes it's more clients, sometimes it's a new workshop or group program.  My to-do's don't expand but my income does.  I have gotten creative with my packages to allow for huge amounts of service while honoring my energy and time.  I am working towards growing my business steadily.  It may someday hit 6 figures.  For now, I'm enjoying steady slow growth that provides the balance I need.

Music and theater are still a big part of my life.  When I see a show that I really want to do, I audition.  I usually audition for one show a year.  I'm also involved in a community chorus where I get the opportunity to sing in nursing homes and at community events.  Here I honor my value of creativity.

I'm honoring my value of love/connection in several ways. My husband and I see so much more of each other now.  I intentionally work my biz schedule around his work schedule.  Honoring my value of love/connection.

Oh yeah, and Hubby is the reason I'm all about the tie-dye.  He's been wearing it since college and once I started wearing it, I realized how much I loved it too!  So, now our closet is full of tie-dye.  The picture above is just one example. 

I've discovered my value around self-care and health as well.  As a Diabetic (early stage), it's also important that I take care of myself.  I've designed my business to allow me to eat every 3-5 hours.  I leave the biz early many days, so I can cook myself a fresh meal.  I take time out to go to Zumba, hike, kayak or just take 15 minutes to walk around the neighborhood.  I also take down days to rest.  I may have a lot of energy, but I recognize that I am NOT the Energizer Bunny and I do need to recoup. Having my own business allows me the freedom to take care of myself, as needed. 

I take Flex Days where I get to choose what I do in the moment.  On these days, I may run out to the grocery store, then write some marketing copy, then read a book or listen to some music.  I do whatever I feel like doing. 

I honor my value of truth in my work and my motto: "Life was meant to be enjoyed. So, enjoy it!"  I DO enjoy every aspect of my life.  I check in with my truth frequently to make sure that always remains clear.  I do what I do because I know there are way too many life changers out there who feel marketing is the bane of their existence.  I've watched clients match marketing to their values, own who they are, gain confidence from finding the joy in getting their message out in the world and manifest clients like crazy.  I get the same high from that as I do when I'm on stage, in the moment, and truly feeling through my character.  It's a thrill! 

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