The Marketing Success Roadmap


As a smart business owner, you know you have to make sure you're marketing your business or it won't be successful.  You've done your homework so you know what you need to do. You've even implemented different marketing tasks that others have found to be successful.  You listen.  You learn.  You do something about it.

Yet when you sit down to look at how you can improve your marketing success, you feel like you've done a lot of work for very little return.  It's a daunting task to figure out what to add, change or get rid of.  The numbers tell one story and that's great information.  When you look at what you need to do to uplevel those numbers, your heart falls through the floor and you feel like there's an insurmountable mountain to climb in order to move your business forward

Sound familiar?  There's a different way!

You see, the problem with information is that it's based on numbers and the experience of others.  It's not tailored to YOU. 

When you try to market your business based on what other people think will work best, you eventually hit The Growth Wall.

The Growth Wall is that point where the marketing strategies that used to drive your business success, don't work nearly as well anymore.  Trying new things doesn't really work well either.   It seems no matter what you try, nothing gets the great results they were getting. 

What's THAT all about?

THAT is all about looking for a marketing plan in plain sight, instead of looking where you might not think to look.  If you've had any success with marketing, then you have some smarts in that brain of yours.  You can make marketing work for you.  YOU are not the problem.  Yet you keep looking to others to tell you what your problem is. 

Here's your problem...

You're looking to others to tell you what your problem is!  That stops here!!  Right now!  I challenge you to stop looking to other people to tell you how to market your business.  Oh, but wait, isn't that why you're here, reading my sales page?  You want ME to tell you how to market your business.

Sorry, I'm not going to do that.  I'm going to offer you a much better solution.  How about you look in that brain and heart of yours to find a unique marketing plan that will work for you?  Instead of giving you a plan outright, I will give you the means by which you can pull what you need out of yourself.  Are you ready?

Then let's do this!

Introducing the Marketing Success Roadmap!

This Inner Trust product is an in-depth workbook for you if you've been marketing your business and have studied marketing for at least 6 months to a year and aren't getting the results you want.   It's packed full of questions to help you look in the right places for successful marketing planning based on your values.  There are so many other places to go from here, but this is a great start!  This workbook will give you insights into your unique marketing plan.  You'll take your values and explore how that fits in with your marketing.  There's homework to help you integrate it too.  Not to mention the built in strategies that help you trust in your own values and use them to find a new way of marketing that's all yours. 

What trusting in your values to create a marketing plan can do for you:

  • Trust in your values and, I promise you, marketing gets a lot easier.
  • Once you set your priorities based on your values, you'll see how you need to spend your time.
  • Know what you really want to earn, instead of shooting for a number that sounds good.
  • Choose marketing teachers, coaches and gurus based on the strategies you are confident in, instead of just choosing the one that offers a quick fix solution.  
  • Know what you are going to make this year and see how that plays out to make what you, ultimately, want to earn each year.
  • Look at your income and what you charge from a perspective of how much time and energy you want to put into your business...instead of just dollars and cents.

There are exercises, questions and processes that help you dig deeper than any "gimmie" marketing plan.   Take your time and give yourself 4-6 weeks go through the workbook and implement the homework. In the end, you'll have a marketing plan that's tailored to who you are.

What's in this Inner Trust workbook? 

There are four Trust-Building Modules in the PDF.  Each one has it's own piece of the values-based marketing plan and is designed using inner trust-building concepts that will get you thinking, shift the way you work and challenge you to own it. 

Pre-requisite: This workbook is best for those who know their top values, have been marketing a business for at least 6 months, have a good idea of what marketing strategies are available to them and have at least a few offerings put together. (Don't know your values yet?  Click here to take the Core Values Index assessment and find out.)
  • Module 1:  Your Marketing Inventory.  Get clear on your current marketing success. What’s working? What’s not? What do you want to change over the course of going through the Roadmap? Get clear in the beginning to make way for your success.
  • Module 2:  Your Marketing Strategy Plan.  Use your values to set priorities for your marketing. Create a unique list of marketing strategies that matches who you are because it’s based on your values. Then do the homework to start the process of trusting in your priorities.
  • Module 3:  Your Business Financial Plan.  Take your priorities and apply those to your financial goals and how much time/energy you want to put into growing your business.  Yes, there is a little math involved, but it's all mapped out for you in an easy to understand, step-by-step workbook.  Answer the questions, do a little math and voila!  You have a Financial Plan. 
  • Financial Plan Spreadsheet.  For those of you who like to plug numbers into spreadsheets instead of using a worksheet, you'll receive a spreadsheet that allows you to plug and play with the numbers.
  • Module 4:  Your Marketing Success Roadmap.  Put it all together in your own Marketing Success Roadmap.  This is a worksheet that takes everything you worked on over the course of the other three modules and puts it into a nice, neat plan that can be shared with marketing team members and updated as you and/or your business changes.
  • Marketing Success Roadmap Word Doc.  This document will allow you to type up your final Marketing Success Plan so you can send it to anyone involved in your marketing.  It's easy to fill out, once you've gone through all the modules.  Since it's in a Word Doc, it's also easy to update.  This document will be your every day guide and reminder of what you want to be working on in marketing.  It's simple (just 4 short sections), but it's got all you need when making day-to-day marketing decisions. 

Are you ready to stop letting marketing (and other people)
run you and your business? 


Then, it's time to start your Inner Trust journey and
take control of your marketing today!

You get the entire workbook, plus the Financial Plan Spreadsheet and Marketing Success Roadmap Word Doc FREE.

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So, who is this person who claims to know so much about marketing and trust?

Hi, I'm Kristen Beireis.  The Trust-Building In Marketing Expert.  I specialize in Inner Trust and Outer Trust marketing methods that work.  This workbook and process is part of what I do with my 1-on-1 clients, when we work on Inner Trust. 

What do I know about trust?  Ha!  Well, I'm a go-getter type who goes head on into projects without thinking anything of it.  So, first of all, I am great at making commitments to myself, trusting in them and keeping them.  I am SO good at it that I've made the mistake of ignoring the fact that change happens.  I change.  We all change.  In the past, it's just taken me awhile to figure out when I've changed because I ignored my values and followed what I was "supposed to do".

When I miss that I've changed, I find myself way down the road, frustrated that nothing is happening, tired and fed up with whatever the project was.  For example, I found myself living in New Jersey, 6 years into a career working towards singing on Broadway and still nowhere near where I wanted to be.  It was awesome!!  I did all the things I thought I should do as a budding actress.  I took dance classes, acting classes and voice lessons.  I auditioned for anything and everything.  I stood in line at cattle calls.  I did it all.  I loved the work! 

What I didn't love was the life.  I had a value that said I crave connection with those close to me, but I was 12 hours away from my family and I rarely saw my husband.  Did I acknowledge that?  Nope.  Did I really have any chance at being a Broadway Star?  Sure!  However, I had this list of values that worked underneath what I was "physically" doing, that undermined my efforts.  I refused to go away for months at a time...hmmm...why not?  Oh yeah.  That nagging value about close connection. I had literally talked myself into believing that I had to stay on the east coast and MAKE it happen.  I ignored my desire to see my family more, spend more time with my husband, go on vacations, travel for fun, and enjoy life.  But, I couldn't "give up"!  People don't give up on their dreams.  They push through.  They persevere, right? Yes!  When it's TRULY something that supports their values.

When you go with the dream, listen to what everyone else says you have to do and don't trust in your own values, you end up spending 3 years doing something you don't want to do anymore.  I know!  That was me!  I had inklings, nudges and all sorts of signs...but it took 3 additional years to decide to get my life back. 

Now I'm back home near my family.  Hubby and I have a rich, full and connected life now.  I keep my values close to my heart and I don't let go.  They are who I am and I can't ignore that.  Trusting in my values is trusting in who I am and it's brought me the life I always wanted...which still includes singing and acting along with a business that feeds my soul and my bank account.  I don't want to see you follow what "has to be done" blindly, without grounding it in your values.  I'm on a mission to help you find your unique way of growing your business. 

Don't take my word for it!  Here are a couple testimonials from people who have done the workbook.

Jen Givler HeadshotThe money I spent… (wasted!) on programs that tried to force me to do things that felt way wrong… oy. If you’re looking for over-the-top-everyone’s-doing-this-new-thing marketing tactics, Kristen is not your gal. Kristen is the real deal.

I have a marketing background… but when it came to marketing my REAL work, my BIG work, the work I was MEANT to do… I froze. That's why I went through the Marketing Success Roadmap.  When I was working through my Marketing Strategy - I had tears of joy in my eyes... just a deep inner knowing that I WAS on the right path... that my UNIQUE and QUIRKY vision had a solid foundation... that was just the best feeling.

When I completed the financials - and put REAL money numbers around it... I felt like such a big girl LOL!!! Money is something I'm horrible with... I just don't like dealing with it.  My knee jerk reaction is to avoid anything about money... However - when I sat and worked through the Business Financial Plan - it was wonderful to see in real life numbers how this business could work.

I always had a vision for my business – but for some reason just never thought it would be possible to create my business exactly like my vision… Now, I’m doing it – and seeing results! And, I’m confident, more focused, more relaxed, and moving forward in a way I never thought possible. 

-Jenn Givler of Blended Yoga
Kristen's gift is connecting the dots and allowing you to gain insight and clarity into why you do what you do and how to move forward in the most constructive way for you (rather than being told to use a specific formula or approach).

You know, being given permission and space to explore my marketing and my business through the filters of my own core values is of immense value to me. It feels like I have finally landed into the idea that I am a professional doing the right thing in getting my message out and supporting the transformation I wish to see for all of humanity.

This process has inspired action in me rather than feeling like I need to sit and learn another methodology to become successful in marketing my products and services... As such, I have contacted the local TV Station with my show proposal AND I have signed up to learn how to put together my first group coaching program (which I have been thinking of for a long time) – this process has made me look at projects with a sense of asking YES or NO and making the commitment rather than mulling it over, wondering if it might be successful or not, etc. etc.

-Moira Hutchison
Stress Management and Success Development Support Coach & Mentor

Stop listening to what other people say you are supposed to do in marketing.  Start trusting yourself today!

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Kristen Beireis
Trust Marketing Expert and President

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